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Redwing Entertainment is a small independent film production company. We specialize in B-Movies and B-Videos. We shoot low-budget films with lesser-known talent. Brilliant campy stories with cheesy special effects, gratuitous nudity, sexuality and/or violence.


Redwing Entertainment works from original screenplays by Regan Redding.

Redwing Entertainment is also managing a young talented model/ actress Dot Leonard. Dot's agent for modeling and acting is Ursula Bensimon. Dot just warped up a photo shoot for Esprit Kids Clothing Line  8/2018. 


work to date

Redwing Entertainment has made two feature films, the cult-classic Killer Bikers Chicks and the experimental film Atomic Punks.  

We are now in production with Samurai and the Drag Queen. This will be a six episode series for YouTube coming May 2019.

Recent Work

Redwing Entertainment

email: regan@redwingentertainment.com